Herbs in the Medina - The Flavour Inspiration for Fez Blend Savoury Granola and Topper

Customers keep asking me to describe the flavour of Fez Savoury Granola and Topper. All I can say it is warm, herby, Moroccan inspired and unique. Here is the full story of the flavour inspiration.

On a family trip from Canada to Morocco to explore our roots, food was definitely on the top of the agenda.

(Moroccan salads in the Fez Medina)

Having eaten Moroccan food my whole life in Canada, I had an idea of what to expect from some of the classic dishes but I knew there was lots more to discover.

Herbs are big part of Moroccan flavours. Of course there is the famous fresh mint tea, you will also find fresh parsley or cilantro somewhere in almost every meal. I had been really into the combination of cilantro or parsley and cinnamon in savoury fish and meat dishes lately. This combination is often found in Moroccan food, but my mind was opened once again by a particular dish in the Fez Medina.

moroccan fish with herbs and cinnamon

(Moroccan fish with herbs and cinnamon using my favourite combination of savoury herbs with a touch of cinnamon.)

They say the Fez Medina is the largest urban car free zone in the world, and it definitely feels that way. After a morning of speed walking behind our local guide to his favourite places, he had a recommendation for us for lunch. Everything came with 6-8?! Moroccan salads, which can range from cold cucumbers with herbs to warm roasted red peppers with garlic.

For a main course I had Bastilla, the famous sweet and savoury poultry (once pigeon) pie. It looked as it should, phyllo filled with meat and nuts topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. A bite or two into the middle and my mind was blown. The chicken was juicy and salty, cooked with saffron as it should be, the almonds were soft and toasty.

pastilla pastry

But what are these herbs?! 

I was expecting perhaps cilantro, but this was different. The meat and nuts were mixed with something floral, licoricy and citrusy, and deep green. The flavour just worked with cinnamon and savoury chicken. My best guess is that there was a combination of basil, cilantro, parsley, saffron and maybe even licorice root?

When developing our first savoury granola flavour, I knew I wanted to work towards that herb-packed flavour explosion. Herbs can be hit or miss in dry form, but through trial and error we've found some amazing dried and freeze dried herb ingredients that come through clean and strong. I think the Fez savoury granola and topper blend comes really close to doing that meal in the Medina justice. I hope I can share a little bit of that experience with you. 

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