Turn a yogurt cup into a nutritionally balanced office lunch that costs less than $4.

When I was formulating SVRY's first savoury granola product, Fez, I had one question in mind.

How could I make a yogurt cup into a cheap, healthy, veggie-packed breakfast, lunch or snack?

savory granola and yogurt

I just kept imagining mostly empty office or dorm room fridges with yogurt cups staring, at me past the forgotten mystery items. So that is where I started, with a serving of plain (or greek) yogurt.

With so many sweet and sugary granola or yogurt toppings out there, vegetables seemed like the right place to start. Dehydrated vegetables have a great crunch, and pack a ton of flavour. Traditionally they are used to re-hydrate into their former selves, but why not take advantage of their crunch?!

So I tried some freeze dried kale, bell peppers and herbs with a locally made lemon roasted almond and somehow the earthy kale and peppers, tart almonds and creamy yogurt just worked!

The result, SVRY Fez Yogurt Bowl - Cheap, Nutritious and Flavourful.

We all know (Greek) yogurt is a great source of protein and can be great at fighting off hunger. What it lacks nutritionally are just what a veggie packed SVRY bowl mix can offer - fibre, lots of vitamins, magnesium, potassium among other minerals and healthy fats. Together these two taste great, keep you full (of veggies!) and have amazing nutritionals (below)!

Protein - 25 g (from yogurt, almonds, hemp)

Fat - 13 g (5 g polyunsaturated from Hemp and Almonds)

Carbs - 18 g, 4 g fibre (kale, almonds, bell peppers, herbs), 10 g sugar

Potassium - 600 mg (close to 2 bananas worth)

Vitamin C - 300% of your daily value (dehydrated bell peppers are packed with Vitamin C)

Magnesium - 45% of daily value (from kale and almonds)

Customers keep telling me they find savoury flavours more satiating and they stay full for longer than with sweet snacks or meals.




Flavoured yogurts?

This sounded crazy to me to start, but I've had two customers tell me that SVRY Fez mix is great with flavoured yogurt. The first recommended it with blueberry, the second vanilla. HESITANTLY did I try vanilla, but it was great! So yes, it can work, if you are a bit crazy like me, let me know!


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