Why Savoury Granola?

For Savoury Tooths

For those who just love the satiation and full flavours of spice-rich savoury flavours, the quick and easy options are limited. Society would shun you if you eat a bag of chips for breakfast, and your body might too. We want to offer something fast, nutritious, satisfying and affordable to the real savoury tooth.

For Sugar Reduction

The World Health Organization recommends a reduction in daily sugar intake to about 25 g or less for adults. This can be a challenge for most global consumers as just two servings of juice could easily put you outside of that range. SVRY products are sugar conscious to give consumers one less thing to worry about when finding something to eat.

For Versatility

While you may call our products granola, their density of flavour and lack of cereal grains makes them a perfect addition to a variety of meals like polenta, steel cut oats, avocado toasts, dips or even omelettes.

For Nutrition

Dried vegetable products are super packed with nutrition. The freeze dried kale used in Fez blend is equivalent to 11x its weight in fresh product. Freeze dried bell peppers are equivalent to 15x their weight. No wonder we are able to pack a full serving of vegetables, and provide a source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B1, B2, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Manganese in the Fez blend.

For Efficiency

We've formulated products to be as nutrient dense and light weight as possible. This means everything in SVRY products pack a big punch but don't weigh much. We wanted to save space in your pantry or office, save shipping emissions and offer flexibility on how to eat SVRY products. If you are missing oats found in traditional granola, mix them in and store in a tightly sealed container.